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The Year’s Top Flooring Trends

When most people think of fashion, they think clothing. Flooring can become just as outdated, though — and designers introduce their own new and innovative fashions for your floors.

Top Flooring Trends

In 2019, there were some big flooring trends you might want to pay attention to:

  • Au naturale: One of the biggest trends for this year are natural-looking floors with a bold finish. Rustic farmhouse wood floors, bleached and blanched woods, distressed wood and concrete, and other “unfinished” styles are popular right now. Another popular trend is fumed wood flooring. These wood floors are exposed to ammonia, creating a rich color and stronger grain for a bolder look. Fumed wood also looks rustic and natural.
  • Eco-friendly: This trend continues from past years. Reclaimed wood and recycled flooring are hot right now, as are untreated and unstained floors. Natural, sustainable materials and especially sustainable wood are also getting lots of attention.
  • Unusual patterns: Forget about square tiles! This year, designers are going for hexagons and other unusual shapes. Wood floors are being arranged in non-traditional, mismatched designs, often with different colors and types of wood in the mix. Herringbone and chevron patterns and non-vertical lines are also making a big splash.
  • Graphics: Bold graphics on the floors, especially in black and white, are very popular right now. Those with a vintage feel are in especially high demand.
  • Mixed surface: Wondering whether to choose tile or wood? Thanks to “trickling” patterns, you can have both. Mixed surfaces involve placing hexagons or another tile pattern on one part of the floor and having that surface taper gradually into a wood surface look. While it takes a little know-how from installers, the final effect can be dramatic. It can be an especially lovely way to separate out large rooms into different use areas.
  • Large: Large-format tiles are very on-trend this year, especially when paired with bold geometric shapes in contrasting colors. The result draws the eye and creates a very modern feel.
  • Carpet: While hard surface flooring is hot right now, carpet is still one of the most popular choices, especially for living rooms and bedrooms. Manufacturers are producing plusher-feel carpets with a very luxurious appeal. Another carpeting trend right now includes bold patterns and pale colors. Modern materials make these carpets easier to clean, allowing for lighter hues. Area rugs are also very in-style this year, in part because of the trend for hardwood flooring. Area rugs allow designers to freshen up and soften a hardwood floor.
  • Grey: Black and white are popular color choices in general, but grey is one of the hottest color trends in flooring right now. Even wood floors are coming up in grey, which goes well with most furniture and gives floors a weathered, “beached” look.

Trendy or Classic?

Flooring is an investment, so you may wonder whether to even consider current flooring trends when choosing a surface for your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Luckily, many of this year’s styles will age very well and look great with a variety of décor. You can choose confidently today, knowing your home will look great year after year.

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