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What Are the Pros and Cons of Wooden Flooring in a House?

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Wood flooring is a classic choice for floors, but is it right for your home? If you’re not quite sure, schedule a free consultation with 50Floor. A 50Floor professional can come to your home with advice and samples of flooring. They will work with you, asking questions to find the right solutions for your floors.

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Pros of Wood Floors

When weighing the pros and cons of wood flooring, you will see there are advantages to wood floors, such as:

  • A Variety of Styles: Wood is a very flexible kind of flooring and available in many styles and colors. You can choose from oak, cherry, walnut and other woods, then use different stains and colors to create your own unique look. Best of all, you can refinish or repaint your floors to give the same flooring an update when you wish. Wood planks can be arranged in different formations for a different look and even different widths are available for completely different styles, meaning wood floors can work with modern and classic décor.
  • Simple Maintenance: Wood floors can be vacuumed or swept. They can also benefit from wood cleaners once in a while, but they do last a long time. Properly maintained floors have lasted in century homes for a hundred years or more.
  • Added Home Value: Many homebuyers love seeing wood floors, as their stylishness and timelessness can add to the value of your home.

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Cons of Wood Flooring

When considering the pros and cons of solid wood flooring, you should know that, like all floors, wood options have their drawbacks, such as:

  • The Need for Occasional Refinishing: Wood floors will show scuffs, scratches and other wear over time. They can be refinished and will likely require it, especially in high-traffic areas. Refinishing is an expense you will need to consider. You will also want to consider that refinishing will mean you need to move everything out of the room. The process will create dust and noise — as well as fumes from the polyurethane used — and you will need to plan and prepare for this.
  • Louder Footsteps: Wood floors can be noisier than other options. Unlike carpet and some other floor solutions, wood floors do not absorb sound. You may want to add rugs to muffle the sound.
  • A Higher Price Tag: These floors are an investment. Solid wood floors can cost more than other flooring solutions. In the long run, they may be cost-effective because of their durability, but you still need to consider the up-front investment.
  • Not Resistant to Humidty: Wood can be damaged by spills, standing liquids, and humidity which is why wood floors are not recommend for areas of high moisture and humidity such as full bathrooms.

Are Wood Floors Right for You?

Now that you know the advantages and drawbacks of wooden floors, you may be wondering whether they’re a good option for you. Every home is different, which is why 50Floor offers a free in-house consultation. Schedule a free consultation, and a professional will stop by your house with advice and floor samples. You’ll get a chance to ask questions and look closely at finishes while the 50Floor professional evaluates your home, needs, budget, foot traffic and other factors to offer personalized advice.

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