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Your carpets give bare feet a plush experience when you get out of bed first thing or walk across your living room. No matter where you have installed carpets, you want them to look their best. Proper carpet maintenance — including vacuuming, spot-cleaning and repairs — can help you enjoy your flooring longer.

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Why Vacuum Your Carpet?

You should vacuum your carpet and perform maintenance on it often enough to keep it looking fresh. There are several benefits to cleaning your carpet regularly, including:

  • Eliminating odors and some discoloration
  • Reducing allergens in your home
  • Keeping stains from setting
  • Keeping your carpet looking fresh and inviting
  • Lengthening the life of your carpet by removing stains and debris that can damage it
  • Helping your carpet stay plush and soft by removing any residue
  • Preventing some carpet damage by removing debris and addressing problems such as tears early

How Often Should I Vacuum My Carpet?

If you’re wondering how often to clean carpet, there is no absolute answer. A number of factors will impact how often to shampoo your carpet and how often you need to get out the vacuum cleaner. Consider these factors when deciding how often to clean your carpet:

  • Your warranty: Your first step before you clean your carpets or set up a cleaning schedule is to consult your warranty. 50Floor makes it easy to look up warranties online. Warranties and owner’s manuals are important to consult first because they may tell you how often you need to clean and what products to use. Not following these directions can void your warranty, so it’s important to start here.
  • Traffic: In heavy-traffic areas, you may need to vacuum twice a week or even daily, with a professional deep cleaning up to four times a year. For lighter traffic areas of your home, once a week may be enough, with one professional cleaning per year.
  • Your needs: If you have allergies or entertain often and want your home looking its best, you may want to vacuum every day. If you wear your outdoor shoes inside, you will also want to vacuum daily, spot-clean every day and get deep professional carpet cleaning one to four times a year. Outdoor shoes can drag in gravel, dirt and other debris that can damage the carpet.
  • The state of the carpet: Ideally, you should check carpets daily. Clean up spills at once and spot-clean using a product permitted by your carpet’s manufacturer and owner’s manual. Call the manufacturers and spot-test the product if you’re not sure. It is crucial to spot-treat any stains or spills before the water can seep under the carpet and cause a stain. It will be much harder to clean if you wait. During your daily check, look for any rips, tears or other issues address them promptly before more of the carpet is damaged with use.
  • Pets and smokers: If you have smokers or pets in your home, you will need to vacuum two to four times a week and commit to a deep professional cleaning twice annually. For households with multiple pets and heavy smokers, daily vacuuming and up to four deep professional cleanings per year may be needed to reduce staining and odors.

Find the Best New Carpets at 50Floor

Your carpet can stay comfortable and attractive for years to come, but if no amount of cleaning is making it look like new, it may be time to replace it. We encourage you to make an appointment with 50Floor for an in-home consultation with one of our experienced flooring professionals. We’ll show you samples of quality carpets right in your home, help you save money, take care of installation and even help you understand how to keep your new investment looking its best. Explore our exceptional offerings today.

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