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Best Flooring Options Around a Fireplace

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Fireplaces provide the warmth and comfort that make a house a home. Whether you have a fireplace already or you are building and considering your options, you may need a floor installed. Choosing the right flooring around a fireplace can make a difference in appearance as well as safety.

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The wrong material can become dirty from gathering soot from the fireplace. It could also get damaged by heat or even burned. To keep your home cleaner and safer, consider these three choices for around your fireplace.

1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring looks like wood but is made from a synthetic material that makes it extremely durable. It makes an ideal choice in front of a fireplace because laminate flooring can withstand the heat given off by the fireplace. The hearth protects the laminate from absorbing too much of that heat, so the flooring maintains its shape. Other types of flooring might warp when positioned close to the fire.

We recommend adding a hearth rug to protect your laminate flooring further. The added touch looks homey and provides a nice contrast to the laminate, which appears more rustic. You won’t have any trouble cleaning laminate, as you can sweep up soot quickly. 

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2. Hardwood Flooring

You have probably seen hardwood flooring surrounding a fireplace. The deep, rich coloring of hardwood makes a striking companion for fireplaces in brick or stone. Flames flickering in the fireplace also create shadows that dance invitingly across the hardwood. Many consider the flooring the most attractive option to accompany a fireplace.

Engineered hardwood offers an even better choice. Compared to typical wood, it is less impacted by potential heat damage. As a result, it may be the safest type of flooring to put next to a fireplace. 

Hardwood flooring demonstrates outstanding durability in extreme conditions, such as heat and humidity, due to its unique construction. Thin strips of wood are applied on top of high-grade plywood. You can select a range of types of engineered hardwood, including everything from hickory to walnut. Like laminate, hardwood flooring is easy to clean.  

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3. Carpeting

Carpet appeals to those who value comfort above all else. Your feet stay warm when you walk on carpet, and it provides a plush, soft contrast to the hard materials used to construct the fireplace. You can select a range of textile types, colors and styles, giving you the design flexibility you desire. And carpeting provides insulation that keeps in the warm air from the fireplace, a great feature on a cold evening. 

One drawback to using carpet near a fire is that it will absorb soot and wood particles. The excess mess is less of a problem if you have a well-framed hearth, which will keep debris from spreading. Carpet is also flammable, though you can find flame-retardant material. 

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The best flooring in front of the fireplace will provide comfort while also keeping your family safe if any sparks escape from the fire. Schedule an in-home appointment with us today to discuss your flooring options.

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