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5 Common Myths About Floor Cleaning

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With the holiday season comes gatherings with friends and family. If you plan to host one of these get-togethers at your home, you want to make things as presentable as possible. During this time of year, many homeowners break out their brooms, mops and vacuums to clean their floors. However, they can do more harm than good when the wrong cleaning techniques are used. These myths about floor cleaning can create problems with appearance, safety and quality. Learn the myths and facts about cleaning your floor for the holiday season.

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Myth 1. You Can Use Any Type of Cleaner on Your Floors

Floor manufacturers recommend certain cleaners for a reason. Using the incorrect type of soap on your floor can make it look less attractive or cause damage. You can find cleaning solutions on the market meant specifically for hardwood, tile and other flooring types. Even if you have a less conventional material like cork, the household product industry has something for it. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best results.

Myth 2. Anything Goes for Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are susceptible to dullness, discoloration and scratches when not cleaned correctly. Vacuums work well for getting rid of debris quickly, but you need to use a hardwood attachment or vacuum that doesn’t have beater bar bristles. You should avoid steam cleaners entirely because they can cause peeling and discoloration. Even a wet mop can ruin your hardwood. Use a dry mop and hardwood floor cleaning spray to protect your floor.

Myth 3. You Don’t Need to Wash Your Mop

Many people soak their mops in disinfectant after using them to get rid of germs. However, using this method does not eliminate all the bacteria on the mop head. Wash your mop in the laundry or soak it in bleach and rinse it. Dry it thoroughly before storing it to avoid mold and mildew. We also recommend replacing it every two or three months — even sooner if it looks constantly dirty.

Myth 4. Cleaning Your Floor Keeps It From Getting Sticky or Slippery

Certain cleaners can create a sticky or slippery surface on your floor instead of removing it. The waxes and silicone in these solutions form a film on top of the floor surface. As a result, you get a slippery or sticky floor. You should wipe cleaning products off your floor after use if you can clean it with water safely. This practice prevents falls and keeps the floor clean for a longer time.

Myth 5. You Don’t Have to Invest in a Good Vacuum

If you have the money, you may want to consider getting a high-quality vacuum. Your low-end vacuum may get larger debris off the floor, but what about smaller dust particles? Carpet can especially hold extra dirt invisible to the human eye. You also need to make more passes over the floor to clean effectively with a cheaper model. Buying a better vacuum will not only make your life easier, but it will also keep your floors cleaner.

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