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Best Flooring for a Rustic-Style House

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The right flooring can highlight a rustic aesthetic and tie the theme of your space together. Let’s look at some of the best flooring styles for rustic homes.

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Hardwood flooring is often the first option that comes to mind for rustic homes. Here are your options:

  • Solid: Solid hardwood is constructed exclusively from an authentic hardwood species for a natural appearance. Because it can be sanded down and refinished multiple times, it can last anywhere from 30 to 100 years. Solid wood species with defined grain patterns, like ash and oak, create a natural, homey and rustic feel.
  • Engineered: Engineered hardwood flooring is a stronger alternative to solid wood, constructed from a natural wood surface layer with an engineered core. It provides the beauty and warmth of genuine hardwood with added durability and water resistance.
  • Laminate: Using 3D photographic imaging to mimic real wood, laminate wood flooring offers the appearance of authentic hardwood at a more budget-friendly price than solid and engineered wood. Laminate flooring is protected by a wear layer to resist dents and scratches, making your floor wonderfully rustic for years to come.

Whether you opt for solid, engineered or laminate wood, rustic wood floors typically have the following features:

  • Light colors: Light wood flooring in honey or blonde tones best showcases distinct grain patterns and knots.
  • Wide planks: Wide planks can open up a space and create less visual disruption. They also reveal more of the unique wood pattern.
  • Knots and grains: For rustic styles, the more swirls, knots and grain variation, the better. There’s also the process of distressing hardwood, where the flooring specialist deliberately creates scuffs, scratches and other markings for a worn and aged appearance.
Light Blue Carpet


With the right colors and styles, carpeted flooring can add a warm, rustic touch to your space. Frieze carpet has long, curled and twisted fibers for a messy, cozy and informal appearance, making it ideal for rustic-style homes. Earthy carpet colors like beige, brown, gray, green and maroon can help accent a natural, organic color scheme.

Beige Tile


Tile flooring can also provide a rustic feel. Typically, the rougher and heavier it is, the more rural it feels. Materials like stone, granite, slate and travertine can work well in rustic-style homes. Terracotta tile, which is a type of clay, is another excellent option for its vintage, well-trodden appearance. Like laminate wood, laminate tile flooring can be a cost-cutting alternative to authentic tile flooring.

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