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Top Flooring Choices for Ranch Style Home

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There are many excellent flooring choices you might use in a ranch-style home. If you own a ranch-style house, consider the following flooring options to enhance its simple, chic look and casual style.

Dark Carpet

Best Carpet for Ranch Style Home

Due to a ranch home’s casual, informal style, you’ll want to complement the interior with a durable, comfortable, stylish flooring option. That’s where carpeting comes in.

Because ranch homes tend to lend themselves to open spaces, you can use rugs and runners to create separate, distinct areas of the home. A textured carpet would look fabulous in a ranch-style house, and you might switch up the colors and patterns depending on the room you’re working on to create that “separate” space in your open-concept layout.

These flooring additions add softness to traditional hardwood while eliminating the need for room dividers that can make rooms feel disconnected. Add rugs and carpeting to maximize and showcase that expansive open-concept layout. Choose from intricate patterns, textures and various sizes and colors to complement your ranch home.

Beige Laminate

Best Hardwood for Ranch-Style Home

Natural or engineered hardwood will always look spectacular in a ranch-style home. After all, hardwood is a classic. Natural woods bring warmth and character to any room, whether you choose a light, airy maple or dark, striking walnut.

You might go for a time-worn, mid-century vintage feel or a modern, sleek shine. Both styles can create a cozy, warm ranch home while complementing that open and expansive flow between rooms. What’s more, hardwood is harvested from a sustainable resource, making it healthy for your home’s air quality and your family’s well-being.

Hardwood is also highly durable, meaning you can enjoy it in your ranch-style house for years to come.

Beige Tile

Best Tile for Ranch-Style Home

Tile is a highly versatile style of flooring that gives you plenty of options in your ranch home. While many homeowners choose to keep the tile in the bathroom or kitchen, the suitable tiles will look amazing in your living and dining room.

Tile floors can add that modern flair to a ranch and create distinguished spaces in your open-concept layout. You can choose from various shapes, colors and types to complement your home’s style. Tile will last for years and can be easily cleaned with a brush, vacuum or mop.

Choose from even or uniquely-shaped tiles treated for stain, moisture, scratch and slip resistance. Tile floors can also imitate the look of natural materials, including wood.

Dark Brown Laminate

Best Laminate for Ranch Style Home

Laminate provides functionality and style, making it versatile and stylish in any home. For a ranch, you can opt for lighter casual colors and even laminate that looks like natural wood at a fraction of the cost. Whatever style you choose, laminate wood flooring provides incredible durability and stain resistance for even the most active families.

A lighter oak color will complement the airy feeling of your ranch home while providing a vintage look that’s perfect in this style of home.


Best Luxury Vinyl for Ranch-Style Home

Like the other flooring options, you can choose luxury vinyl options in various styles, colors and sizes to craft the ideal ranch home. In most cases, vinyl floors have multiple layers, including a top design and bottom protective layers. The process protects your finished floor from mildew, stains, tears, rips, scratches, scuffs and other damage.

When you opt for wood-patterned vinyl floors, you get the stunning look of natural hardwood, coupled with water resistance and incredible durability. It’s easy to coordinate your rooms with various colors and styles, making luxury vinyl ideal for a ranch-style home.

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