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Top Flooring Options for Colonial Homes

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We’ve covered some defining features of Colonial-style houses, but what are the best flooring choices for this architectural style? Below are five lovely options to consider.

Beige Carpet

1. Best Carpet for Colonial-Style Homes

Because wall-to-wall carpet didn’t make its debut until the 1930s, it wasn’t found in traditional Colonial-style homes. However, you can still incorporate carpet into your modern Colonial interior if you prefer a plusher, comfier feel.

Neutral-colored Berber carpet or pattern carpet can add simplicity and versatility to your space. They’re also great options for high-traffic areas and busy households.

Light Brown Laminate

2. Best Hardwood for Colonial-Style Homes

Hardwood flooring is a staple for Colonial-style interiors. Its warm, oaky hues can beautifully complement neutral and light-colored accents. There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules regarding light, medium or dark-colored wood, so the stain color and brightness are ultimately your preference.

Just remember that light flooring can make a room feel larger and airier, while dark flooring tends to have the opposite effect. A medium tone achieves a good middle ground.

If historical accuracy is a priority, we recommend pine or oak wood flooring, as these were traditionally used in Colonial America. However, virtually any hardwood species can look stunning in a Colonial interior. You can also use engineered hardwood to create the appearance of Colonial wood flooring.

Beige Tile

3. Best Tile for Colonial-Style Homes

LVT is gaining popularity among today’s Colonial-style homeowners for its many benefits over traditional tile materials like ceramic and porcelain. This flooring option is easier to install, simpler to maintain and more affordable than most conventional materials, and it also offers impressive performance and quality.

Technology advancements have enabled manufacturers to create LVT in almost any color or pattern imaginable. This flooring’s versatility makes it a highly functional option in any room, making it ideal for Colonial house styles. Additionally, LVT’s four-layer construction means it is much softer to walk on than the hard surfaces of traditional tile, and it is waterproof.

Dark Brown Laminate

4. Best Laminate for Colonial-Style Homes

Laminate flooring can imitate authentic hardwood at a fraction of the price. Additionally, its scratch-resistant nature makes it an excellent option if you have pets or children but still desire the timeless look of an American Colonial-style home.

There are many design and color options available, but pine or oak wood laminate are especially great picks for a classic Colonial interior. If you have children or pets, we recommend choosing a medium-tone floor stain. This can help conceal everyday dirt, pet hair and debris while complementing any light accents in your Colonial decor.


5. Best Luxury Vinyl for Colonial-Style Homes

Finally, luxury vinyl flooring can achieve a hardwood look at a more economical price, along with added durability. Its high water- and scratch-resistant qualities make it ideal for homes with pets and young children as well.

Luxury vinyl planks can mimic a warm wood look, while luxury vinyl tiles can imitate stone or slate tiles. Like hardwood and laminate, there are many stain colors to choose from with luxury vinyl, but a medium tone is always a lovely and versatile option.

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