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Top Flooring Options for Colonial Homes

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We’ve covered some defining features of Colonial-style houses, but what are the best flooring choices for this architectural style? Below are four lovely options to consider.

Beige Carpet

1. Best Carpet for Colonial-Style Homes

Because wall-to-wall carpet didn’t make its debut until the 1930s, it wasn’t found in traditional Colonial-style homes. However, you can still incorporate carpet flooring into your modern Colonial interior if you prefer a plusher, comfier feel.

Neutral-colored Berber carpet or pattern carpet can add simplicity and versatility to your space. They’re also great options for high-traffic areas and busy households.

Light Brown Laminate

2. Best Hardwood for Colonial-Style Homes

Hardwood flooring is a staple for Colonial-style interiors. Its warm, oaky hues can beautifully complement neutral and light-colored accents. There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules regarding light, medium or dark-colored wood, so the stain color and brightness are ultimately your preference.

Just remember that light flooring can make a room feel larger and airier, while dark flooring tends to have the opposite effect. A medium tone achieves a good middle ground.

If historical accuracy is a priority, we recommend pine or oak wood flooring, as these were traditionally used in Colonial America. However, virtually any hardwood species can look stunning in a Colonial interior. You can also use engineered hardwood to create the appearance of Colonial wood flooring.

Beige Tile

3. Best Tile for Colonial-Style Homes

Most Colonial-style homes feature genuine hardwood or hardwood lookalikes, but you can also use tile flooring in your kitchen, bathroom or entryway for a unique look. Materials like ceramic and porcelain can imitate wood, stone and slate, opening up a range of options for your space.

Like with hardwood, there’s plenty of flexibility when choosing tile flooring colors — however, white tiles, in particular, can add a simple yet elegant touch to a modern Colonial-style kitchen or restroom.

Dark Brown Laminate

4. Best Laminate for Colonial-Style Homes

Laminate flooring can imitate authentic hardwood at a fraction of the price. Additionally, its scratch-resistant nature makes it an excellent option if you have pets or children but still desire the timeless look of an American Colonial-style home.

There are many design and color options available, but pine or oak wood laminate are especially great picks for a classic Colonial interior. If you have children or pets, we recommend choosing a medium-tone floor stain. This can help conceal everyday dirt, pet hair and debris while complementing any light accents in your Colonial decor.


5. Best Luxury Vinyl for Colonial-Style Homes

Finally, luxury vinyl flooring can achieve a hardwood look at a more economical price, along with added durability. Its high water- and scratch-resistant qualities make it ideal for homes with pets and young children as well.

Luxury vinyl planks can mimic a warm wood look, while luxury vinyl tiles can imitate stone or slate tiles. Like hardwood and laminate, there are many stain colors to choose from with luxury vinyl, but a medium tone is always a lovely and versatile option.

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