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Feng Shui is a philosophy and art developed over 3,000 years ago in China. The word “Feng” means “wind,” and “Shui” translates to “water.” In Feng Shui, the relationship between people and where they live or spend their time is imperative. According to Feng Shui, by changing the arrangement of items around us, we change our relationship with our environment and receive improved health and prosperity.

What Is Feng Shui?

Today, people all over the world use Feng Shui principles to make their homes more comfortable and attractive. Many arrange their homes to have better luck and health. Feng Shui principles state that everything around us has Chi, or life energy. By increasing the flow of Chi in our homes and workplaces, we encourage enhanced flow in our daily lives.

Feng Shui for Your Home

You can incorporate Feng Shui design into your home with these simple tips:

  • Pay attention to your entrance: Chi enters your home through your front door. You want to make this space clutter-free and well-lit. You should position key pieces of furniture, such as your bed, stove or desk, facing the entry door.
  • Consider color: Each color evokes meaning and emotions. Earth colors, such as brown, relate to self-care, while blue enhances wisdom. Blue flooring can be great for a den or study room, and brown would be great for a bathroom.
  • Use natural flooring: Wood flooring brings grounding life energy. Natural materials such as slate, wood and stone are all ideal for rooting energy.
  • Remove clutter: Clutter is thought to inhibit Chi’s flow and prevent progress. Clean, well-organized spaces are important for energy movement.
  • Avoid busy patterns: Busy patterns draw the eye downward. Choose simple shapes like the hexagon if you want designs on your carpet, tile or vinyl floors. Avoid lines, checkerboard patterns, starbursts and diamonds on your floors to promote positive energy.

If you’d like to know more about Feng Shui for your home, you can work with a Feng Shui professional. A specialist will help you balance the energies in your home, from your floors to furniture arrangements.

Starting Feng Shui From the Ground Up

If you’d like to implement Feng Shui in your home and want to start with your floors, 50Floor has a wide variety of quality floors in all colors and textures. Our professional team members bring samples to your home to ensure you get the best choice for your home. Book a free appointment with 50Floor to upgrade your floors from home.

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