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What Is Beveled Edge Flooring?

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Beveled edge flooring has a V-shaped groove between the planks or tiles. This feature adds a visual separation to each piece, which gives the floor a more authentic look. If you are hoping to make your laminate floors look realistic and natural, the beveled edge will help you achieve that aesthetic. The V-shaped groove adds the appearance of a small gap with the convenience of a tight seam.

Beveled edge flooring can hide any joint imperfections and make cleaning easier. Before you install this type of flooring, though, you should know that you have a lot of options to choose from.

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Beveled Edge Versus Square Edge Flooring

Square edge flooring is flooring without any grooves between the planks or tiles. The square edges create a seamless, smooth look. Floors with square edges may be slightly easier to clean since there are no grooves for dust and dirt to get stuck in. However, they can be more difficult to install.

Types of Beveled Edge Flooring

If you’ve decided on beveled edges over square edges, you still have a few choices to make. This flooring comes in several different types based on the size and look of the groove.

Micro-Beveled Edges

This type of edge features a very fine groove that you can see on each side of a piece of flooring. It creates a slight distinction in each individual plank or tile. Sometimes you can also find micron-beveled edges, which are even smaller.

Normal Beveled Edges

Normal beveled edges are more noticeable than micro-beveled varieties. Each bevel can have the same finish as the floor or a different one depending on the look you want. A smooth texture in the bevel can make it look more like the wood was cut rather than manufactured.

Deep or Enhanced Beveled Edges

Deep beveled edges have an emphasized groove that will add to your floor’s natural appearance by giving it more definition. If you choose a floor with these edges, vacuuming the floor will help keep dirt from collecting in the bevel.

Pressed Beveled Edges

Pressed bevels are created by actually pressing down into the top layer of the floor. This edge has the same finish as the rest of the flooring, so it is more subtle than some other bevels.

Rolled Beveled Edges

These edges feature a soft slope that slightly blends into the surface. The result is a smoother design and one of the most realistic looks.

View Samples in Your Home

Pictures don’t always do flooring justice. With countless beveled laminate flooring options to choose from, you want to know how each one will actually look in your space before you make a decision.

View Flooring Options by Room

When you work with 50Floor, we’ll bring samples to your home so you can view your options with your current decor and lighting. If you have any questions or need advice, our flooring expert is there to help you make the best choice for your space. Schedule your free appointment today to get started!

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