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Using Carpet for a Small Room

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Using carpet for a small room

Besides carpet’s luxurious texture and aesthetic appeal, wall-to-wall carpet can also make a small room look bigger. When choosing a small room carpet, you’ll need to find a color, pattern and style that complements your living space’s walls, furniture and decor. Consider these visual tricks to choose the right carpet for a small room to appear more spacious.

Carpet Colors That Make a Room Look Bigger

One of the many benefits of carpeting is that it comes in various colors and materials to fit in with any part of your home. Some colors can make the room appear more spacious by reflecting light and creating visual interest. It helps to find a color that complements the existing furniture and decor in your living space to create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing design.

These are the best carpet colors for small rooms:

  • Light colors: You’ll want to use light colors in a small room to draw the eye outward and give the appearance of additional space. Bright colors reflect the natural lighting in the area and make it look bigger. You can use a lighter shade of your favorite color to expand the space visually if you’d prefer a bold color over a neutral tone.
  • White or off-white: Since a color that reflects light makes the room feel bigger, white is the perfect shade for visually expanding part of your home. White naturally reflects light, especially if the room has plenty of natural lighting. This shade matches any existing furniture, wall or decor color you already have in the space, too. You can also use off-white or cream-colored carpeting if you don’t like stark white.
  • The room’s existing colors: It’s helpful to choose carpeting that goes with the paint color of your walls, furniture and decor to make the room feel bigger. Instead of making your carpet the same color as the walls, you should choose a shade in the same color family. You can also use contrasting colors for a bold design that enhances the visual interest of the room.
  • Blue or green: A small bedroom or flex space should be relaxing instead of feeling cramped. Carpeting with light shades of blue or green is easy on the eyes and creates a calming atmosphere in your living space.
  • Neutral tones: Shared entertainment areas — such as the living room, family room or game room — can look bigger and more inviting when you use neutral-colored carpet. Consider sandstone, beige or light gray for these parts of your home. These colors are light enough to reflect the light and complement the room’s existing furniture and decor.

Carpet Patterns for Small Rooms

Besides the carpet’s color, you also need to choose visually appealing patterns that are easy on the eyes and enhance the room’s visual appeal. Your carpeting should have a subtle appearance instead of serving as the room’s focal point. The area will appear smaller if your carpet takes too long to process visually. Instead, have subdued carpeting that blends in with your existing furniture, decor and wall design.

The following are excellent carpet patterns for your small room:

  • Tone-on-tone carpeting: This pattern involves modest shading methods that highlight the room’s overall design. Instead of using bold colors or shapes, tone-on-tone carpeting has a modest appearance that’s visually appealing for all who enter your living space. It also tends to hide dirt better and allows you to use bold colors in other parts of your decor.
  • Structured-grid, cut-loop carpeting: This type of carpet features the selective cutting of some of the loops, resulting in a textured yet refined look. Since the textural change doesn’t alter the color of the carpeting, it gives your floors a modest visual interest to make the room look bigger and more inviting.

To make your room look more spacious, try to steer clear of bold, brightly colored patterns that create distractions for the eye.

You might get away with a larger design on your carpeting if your small room doesn’t have much furniture. But if you ever wanted to add a chair or bed to your room, your carpeting might not fit the design anymore. Instead, you’ll want to choose a timeless floor covering that complements your home’s decor for decades.

steer clear of bold patterns

Styles of Carpet for Small Rooms

Your carpet’s style involves the material and height used. Installing wall-to-wall carpeting in a room creates a cohesive, visually appealing look. You may want to have consistent flooring throughout the whole house to reduce distracting colors and patterns. Either way, consider the following types of carpet styles for your small room:

  • Berber carpeting: A modest Berber carpet is an excellent option for making a small room look more prominent because it tends to complement the walls and furniture. This type of carpeting typically has a neutral color with specks of darker shades, which goes well with any design aesthetic. You may want to install Berber carpeting in a small den or home office that people use often.
  • Frieze carpet: Cut-and-pile carpeting is an excellent option for a small bedroom. Frieze carpet involves cutting the fibers and detaching them from the backing in loops. This tufted look offers a distinctive design for your small room. Since it doesn’t feature significant color variations, it’s also pleasing to the eye. You may use this carpeting throughout your whole home to create a cohesive design in your living space.
  • Saxony carpet: This type of carpeting is another cut-and-pile option you can use throughout any area in your home. Saxony carpeting is most prevalent in bedrooms because of its soft, luxurious texture. Since it doesn’t show footprints, it’s also useful for high-traffic areas. Consider installing Saxony carpet in your small den or living room for an inviting, spacious atmosphere.
  • Textured and plush carpeting: Soft plush carpet is the ideal style for a small bedroom because of its fluffy, comfortable texture. This feeling is aesthetically appealing and noticeable as soon as you walk into the room. As a result, plush carpeting creates an inviting atmosphere that makes the room feel more spacious.

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