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Bold flooring options are a popular choice for many rooms of the house, including entryways, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and even living rooms. Statement floors can add charm to a simple room and are character-filled enough to make a larger space feel cozier. They can draw the eye and create a sense of unique style.

At 50Floor, we offer a range of bold flooring ideas for your every need. Explore some attractive choices below — these trendy options look timeless in modern and historic homes alike.

Marble Colored Tile

Bold marble floor tile typically comes in large tile sizes featuring statement hues or contrasting colors. Marble look and genuine marble tile appear sophisticated in bathrooms, kitchens and entryways. If you opt for genuine marble, keep in mind it is a softer material and will require maintenance. It also comes in fewer colors than manufactured luxury vinyl or laminate flooring, which can offer brighter shades.

Stone Look Tile

Luxury vinyl flooring can imitate the look of stone or slate but offers several advantages. Stone look tile from 50Floor consists of synthetic materials such as tinted polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and can be pressed into tiles of any size in a rainbow of colors.

Since luxury vinyl flooring contains multiple layers and is less porous than natural stone, it is resistant to rips, stains, chips, scuffs, mildew, tears, gouges, scratches and water damage. These luxury vinyl floors are also a fraction of the price of natural stone.

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Dark Wood

Engineered hardwood floors from 50Floor contain layers of real wood over plywood, making them resistant to moisture. This water resistance allows you to install wood floors in kitchens and other rooms where moisture can be an issue. Dark wood floors in walnut, cherry, hickory and other species can contrast beautifully with paler walls and ceilings for a dramatic look.

For a bolder floor, you can choose dark wood floors with wider planks or arrange your flooring in herringbone or other patterns for a unique look. Dark wood statement floors look especially sophisticated in living rooms and even bedrooms — spaces where you may want the warmer appearance of wood but with an eye-catching style.

Find Bold Flooring for Your Home

Choosing bold floors is a commitment. Since they catch the eye, statement floors require careful consideration, as the right choice will help your room stand out in all the right ways. It’s also important to choose durable options when deciding on bold floors. If people are looking at your flooring, you want it to look its best for as long as possible.

If you’ve been curious about the statement floor trend, why not find out more? At 50Floor, our flooring experts can come to your home with samples so you can see exactly when your new, bold floors will look like with your furnishings and lighting. Your appointment can also help you work with our team to find the best look for your floors and discover solutions fitting your style and budget. Schedule your appointment with 50Floor today!

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