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What Are the Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring?

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Solid wood floors are made from solid wood instead of layers of wood that have been bonded together. Each solid wood floor plank consists of one piece of hardwood, typically ¾ of an inch thick. The wood itself can be a variety of species, from oak to maple, cherry, bamboo, walnut, ash, mahogany and others. Each offers its own unique look, as do the various finishes 50Floor makes available for you.

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6 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

If you’re considering solid wood floors for your home, you will want to talk about the many benefits of hardwood floors during your free 50Floor in-home consultation:

1. Durability

These floors are durable and long-lasting. One of the most significant benefits of wooden flooring is that this type of floor can withstand heavy use. With proper care, it can last a long time. Unlike many other choices, if your floor gets dented or scratched, you may also be able to sand it down and refinish it to give it new life. The durable nature of these floors also makes them a cost-effective investment over time, since you may need to replace them less often than other types of floor.

2. Simple Maintenance

With wood, your flooring will be easy to clean. Dusting, mopping and drying are what it takes to keep your home looking its best. As long as you avoid moisture and water, you’ll find your floors keep on looking great.

3. Added Value

Wood floors may make your home more valuable. Many home buyers see wood floors as an advantage, which means this choice can make your home more attractive and valuable.

4. Allergen-Resistant

These floors are great for allergy sufferers and anyone concerned about air quality. Wood floors will not trap allergens such as dust, dander, pollen and other allergens.

5. Attractive

Wooden floors are highly flexible and always look great. The natural grain and colors of wood floors make them very adaptable, so even as you change your room’s decor, your floors will continue to look great. Many people also prefer the appearance of hardwood.

6. Improved Acoustics

Wood floors give you superior acoustics. These floors will help you avoid the echoing or hollow sound of some other flooring options.

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Exploring the Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Do you think hardwood floors may be right for you? If you want helpful advice from experts and want to see what this type of floor would look like in your home, contact 50Floor today to schedule an appointment for an in-house consultation. A 50Floor professional will come to your home with samples of a variety of floors so you can examine them with your home’s lighting and current decor.

Your consultation with 50Floor is your chance to speak with a flooring expert and review all your options in a no-pressure, relaxed meeting. We will give you a no-surprise quote that includes installation and the advice you need based on your lifestyle and other preferences. At 50Floor, our job is to help you find a floor that is affordable and makes you feel great about your choice, year after year.

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