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Top Flooring Options for Victorian-Style Houses

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Here are some of the best flooring types for Victorian homes.

Grey Carpet

Best Carpet for Victorian-Style Homes

Wall-to-wall carpeting didn’t appear in homes until the 1930s. So, to warm up chilly hard-floored rooms, Victorian-era homeowners often covered their floors with decorative rugs. It wasn’t uncommon for several small or midsized colorful rugs to fill the room.

While many Victorian homes feature hardwood floors with intricate, brightly-colored rugs, you can still incorporate modern carpeting into your home if desired. Pattern carpet can add texture and interest to a Victorian-style living room or bedroom.

Cherry floor sample

Best Hardwood for Victorian-Style Homes

Hardwood was the most common flooring material during the Victorian era, making it a fitting addition to your bedroom, living room or home office. Expensive wood species like mahogany and oak were prominent in upper-class homes, while others featured pine wood that was stained or painted to look higher-end.

Original mahogany and oak are still found in today’s Victorian homes. Sprucing up a pine wood floor can create a beautiful, refreshed look for a modern Victorian-style house, as well. A quality final finish can make all the difference, whether it be low sheen, high gloss or matte. Dark wood planks can make a lovely addition to a Victorian kitchen, especially when it creates contrast with yellow, light blue or rose pink accents.

Beige Tile

Best Tile for Victorian-Style Homes

Tile flooring in traditional Victorian-style homes often resembled patterns found in churches and cathedrals. With colors and patterns being focal points in Victorian houses, the ornateness of the tile flooring became a status symbol.

The Victorian period sparked the mass production of tiles, with their growing accessibility and affordability prompting increased demand for ceramic tile installation. Today, tile flooring remains a symbol of the era.

Tiles can add color, design and detail to your Victorian kitchen, bathroom, sunroom or entryway. Materials like natural stone, slate, porcelain and ceramic are durable options that will make an elegant statement in your space.

Dark Brown Laminate

Best Laminate for Victorian-Style Homes

Aside from matching your Victorian home aesthetic, your flooring should provide longevity, durability and functionality. That’s why laminate flooring can be a great choice. Designed to mimic hardwood, tile and other flooring materials, you’re sure to find a style that fits in with your Victorian house.

Laminate flooring is often more tolerant of moisture, fading and staining, all while being a budget-friendlier option. Whether you’re drawn to mahogany, oak, pine wood or stone tiles, there’s a laminate option for you.


Best Luxury Vinyl for Victorian-Style Homes

Luxury vinyl is another cost-effective alternative to hardwood. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) comes in several colors and grain patterns and can replicate multiple flooring types. Whether oak, walnut, slate or travertine, LVP provides plenty of options for your Victorian-style home.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is another growing floor trend with ample options. LVT offers the performance of vinyl with a natural stone or hardwood appearance. Whether you opt for planks or tiles, high-quality vinyl with thick protective layers allows for a durable, long-lasting floor.

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