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Top Flooring Choices for Tudor-Style Home

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The best flooring for Tudor homes includes dark wood and stone materials or floors that look as though they’re made from wood or stone. Large rugs on top of the wood flooring or ornate carpeting also make excellent choices when renovating a Tudor-style house. The design is meant to reflect styles of the late Medieval period, so keep this in mind as you select floor materials and styles.

Light Blue Carpet

Best Carpet for Tudor-Style Home

While we don’t typically envision carpeting in Tudors, the right style can help create the modern Tudor-style house of your dreams. For instance, jewel tones and intricately patterned carpets or rugs can complement those old-world design features while enhancing your home’s comfort.

Tudors are also known for layering textures, colors and patterns, from wall adornments to wood decorations and furniture. Complement these features with carpeting in unique patterns or geometric designs and jewel tones.

Pattern carpets can also draw the eye to your fireplace and other lavish Tudor decor items. In some cases, specific patterns can also make your space look either more extensive or intimate. It all comes down to your particular room and design preferences.

Cherry floor sample

Best Hardwood for Tudor-Style Home

Dark hardwood is one of the most significant features of Tudor-style homes. While beautiful in any space, hardwood is also durable and long-lasting.

Solid walnut, maple or red oak flooring would complement a Tudor best, with rustic cuttings that coordinate with Medieval interior design. In addition to various materials, natural wood flooring comes in several finishes, colors, sizes and styles to make your Tudor come alive and preserve that natural charm.

Beige Tile

Best Tile for Tudor-Style Home

LVT has emerged as one of today’s most popular tile choices for Tudor house flooring, commanding a market once dominated by conventional materials like ceramic and porcelain. Thanks to technological advancements in recent years, LVT performs better than traditional tiles on nearly every level, offering significantly faster installation times to provide greater cost savings.

This flooring is also incredibly durable, often outlasting ceramic tile materials prone to chipping and cracking. LVT comes in a broad range of colors and patterns that can complement nearly any space in your Tudor-style home, as well. This quality is beneficial if you want a tile option that resembles natural materials, such as wood or stone.

Beige Laminate

Best Laminate for Tudor-Style Home

Many homeowners choose laminate floors for their strength, longevity and aesthetic that can complement any design style, including Tudor. In fact, laminate is designed to resemble wood and other flooring materials that are ideally suited for your Medieval and Renaissance-inspired home.

Laminate consists of several layers that provide moisture and wear resistance, structural stability and beauty. A decorative layer is included to make the flooring look like natural wood or stone at a fraction of the cost.


Best Luxury Vinyl for Tudor-Style Home

Like laminate and tile, luxury vinyl is made to resemble wood, stone and other natural materials found in Tudor-style homes. Choose from luxury vinyl sheet, tile or plank to make your vision a reality:

  • Luxury vinyl plank: For instance, luxury vinyl plank flooring looks and feels like natural wood, complete with wood textures, coloring and grain patterns. You’ll appreciate luxury vinyl plank to craft the ideal cozy Tudor design.
  • Luxury vinyl tile (LVT): LVT is equally impressive with its ability to imitate stone tiles at a fraction of the price of real stone. Unlike the real thing, LVT is easier to clean and requires less maintenance — just be sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you keep your flooring in good condition.
  • Vinyl sheet: Vinyl sheet offers even more moisture resistance than tile options, coming in plain, patterned or stone and wood styles.
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