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Top French Country Flooring Ideas

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Natural-looking materials are a key element in French country design. The right flooring can help you achieve this timeless appeal for your home. Here are some of the best flooring options for French country-style interiors.

Grey Carpet

1. Best Carpet for French Country-Style Homes

Carpeting makes a comfy addition to your French country-style living room, family room or bedroom, enhancing your space with texture and interest.

If you want to offset neutral walls with some color and design, patterned carpet may be the right choice for you. It adds an elegant, designer feel to nearly any room. Color schemes like blue, red, yellow and light green reflect a sophisticated yet relaxed French country feel.

Saxony carpet is another excellent choice if you desire a plush, formal and luxurious look and feel, ideal for bedrooms and formal living rooms. If you prefer the look of hardwood or tile over carpet, you can always upgrade your space with a French-inspired area rug.

Cherry floor sample

2. Best Hardwood for French Country-Style Homes

Hardwood flooring can add a warm, rustic charm to your French country cottage. Wood species like maple, oak, ash and walnut are all lovely options to consider. There’s also plenty of flexibility when it comes to choosing a floor stain color, as dark, light and medium shades can all complement French country homes nicely.

Just keep in mind that dark flooring can enclose a room and make it feel smaller, while lighter flooring tends to open and enlarge a space. Determine whether you want a cozy, intimate room or a wide, airy feel before choosing a hardwood floor color.

Beige Tile

3. Best Tile for French Country-Style Homes

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has quickly gained popularity as a top flooring option among today’s homeowners, including those looking for French country-style flooring. LVT outperforms traditional ceramic and porcelain tile materials on nearly every level, including price, maintenance requirements and ease of installation. This material’s synthetic construction is also softer to walk on than more dense conventional tile materials.

LVT comes in various patterns and colors to meet nearly every design scheme in a French country-style home. It can also replicate natural materials common in French architecture, like stone or wood. In addition, LVT’s exceptional versatility makes it a highly functional option for any room.

Dark Brown Laminate

4. Best Laminate for French Country-Style Homes

If you’re looking for a budget-friendlier alternative to authentic hardwood, laminate flooring can imitate wood, tile and other flooring materials at a more affordable price. It’s also more resistant to fading, moisture, staining and wear and tear. Whether you desire a hardwood or tile appearance for your French country retreat, laminate flooring can help you achieve it.


5. Best Luxury Vinyl for French Country-Style Homes

Luxury vinyl is another flooring that can replicate a natural wood or stone look. If genuine hardwood isn’t in your budget, a beautiful and cost-effective luxury vinyl floor can set the stage for a French country-style living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Attractive, versatile, affordable and durable all at once, luxury vinyl comes in both tile and plank styles. You’ll find it in a variety of designs, grain patterns and colors, so you can easily find an option to suit your French country vision.

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