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Top Flooring Choices for Cottage-Style Homes

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Whether you live in your cottage home full-time or use it as a vacation or summer home, you’ll want flooring that will enhance its charm and last for years to come. The best flooring for cottage homes will be durable and low-maintenance for your family’s needs. Keep reading to discover the best carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate and vinyl flooring styles ideal for your cottage home.

Beige Carpet

Best Carpet for Cottage-Style Homes

Carpet adds instant comfort and flair, whether in a bold pattern, classic plaid or natural shade. Opt for a lively design for your cottage for personality and visual warmth. Carpet is also an excellent sound insulator for older cottage homes with creaky floorboards.

Frieze carpets make ideal cottage flooring due to their loosely constructed, relaxed look. Often made from wool or nylon, frieze carpets provide a textured style to enhance the coziness of your comfy cottage. Frieze carpet also has twisted fibers and will not reveal vacuum marks, footprints or furniture marks the way some plush carpets do, making this flooring ideal for active families.

Its softness will increase the comfort factor of your cottage-style house, with pure wool and felt options being especially warm due to the insulating qualities of the natural fibers. Add an extra layer of comfort to your cottage home with carpeted floors.

Cherry floor sample

Best Hardwood for Cottage-Style Homes

The warm tones and textural character of hardwood are an ideal fit for a cottage interior. The current aesthetic for cottage-style homes is a weathered look that retains wear and tear, though simple, clean looks are also popular.

Hardwood reflects the natural beauty of the outdoors and enhances your cottage home design. It will also add to the resale value of your home, with red oak, white oak and maple all being excellent hardwood species that are sure to impress. Softer woods like walnut are also wonderful for adding a vintage feel to your cozy cottage space.

Beige Tile

Best Tile for Cottage-Style Homes

Tiles provide various patterns and colors to craft the perfect cottage home. Hardwearing porcelain tiles, for instance, can mimic distressed wooden boards but are more resilient. You might even create a patchwork of patterned tiles for a cost-effective and original look in your cottage.

Tile can also be made to look like stone and requires little maintenance while fitting perfectly with a country cottage home. You might even opt for different finishes or textures to give it that charming, time-worn surface common to these quaint homes.

Dark Brown Laminate

Best Laminate for Cottage-Style Homes

If your cottage home is next to a body of water, you understand the challenges of keeping your floors dry. Laminate could be an ideal option if your cottage-style home is near water. Laminate is ideal for handling high traffic, sand and the sea. Designed to mimic the look of natural wood, laminate is even more durable and can stand up to tough conditions, making it the ideal cottage flooring. You might also try stone or other rustic options to craft the perfect old-world aesthetic.


Best Luxury Vinyl for Cottage-Style Homes

Luxury vinyl is also exceptionally durable and designed for water resistance in cottage interiors. It’s also highly practical and cost-effective, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and widely available in designs that mimic natural wood and stone textures. You might try a gorgeous floral design to add to your country-inspired cottage home.

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