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Top Flooring Choices for Cape Cod Style Homes

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Now that we’ve explored some common attributes of the Cape Cod house style, let’s go over some of the best flooring options for this type of home design.

Black Tile

Best Carpet for Cape Cod Style Homes

When choosing carpet, you’ll want something that complements your coastal-themed interior while providing sufficient underfoot comfort. A smooth Saxony carpet in a gray or blue shade is synonymous with a stormy sea. Aside from complementing the color scheme of your New England beach house, Saxony carpet provides a plush, luxurious feel for your modern coastal living room or bedroom.

Light Brown Laminate

Best Hardwood for Cape Cod Style Homes

When it comes to hardwood flooring for Cape Cod homes, lighter neutrals tend to trump dark colors to maintain a light and beachy feel. White oak or pine hardwood with wide planks and a low-gloss finish highlights the wood’s natural beauty, all while providing a bright, airy and open feel for your coastal space.

If you’re installing flooring in a high-moisture environment — or your home has high humidity from living close to the beach — we recommend engineered hardwood for added durability and water resistance.

Beige Tile

Best Tile for Cape Cod Style Homes

Tile flooring is one of the staples of a Cape Cod-style home. Although traditional tile materials like porcelain and ceramic were popular choices years ago, technological advancements have made luxury vinyl tile (LVT) a highly functional solution for almost any space or room. LVT comes in a comprehensive color and pattern range, including design options replicating ceramic, stone and authentic woodgrains.

More importantly, LVT offers more benefits than conventional tile materials, including faster installation times and lower material costs, without sacrificing quality and performance. LVT is also softer to walk on and more slip-resistant than porcelain and ceramic tile, making it a safer option for your entire family.

Dark Brown Laminate

Best Laminate for Cape Cod Style Homes

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring created to resemble hardwood and other materials. It’s affordable, durable and simple to install and maintain. White oak or pine laminate wood flooring can offer dimension and create a relaxed look for your space.


Best Luxury Vinyl for Cape Cod Style Homes

Like laminate flooring, luxury vinyl flooring can mimic the appearance of materials like hardwood and stone. Available in plank and tile styles, luxury vinyl can imitate anything from oak, birch or pine hardwood to slate, marble, concrete or travertine tiles.

If there’s a certain natural look you wish to replicate in your Cape Cod-style home, an experienced flooring contractor can help you achieve it with quality luxury vinyl flooring.

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