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Light wood floors

Available 50 Floor Options

50 Floor has many flooring options for your Durham home:

man putting wood flooring planks together


In homes built in the 1800s and early 1900s, hardwood flooring was the main flooring option. It remains a popular choice for its durability and natural beauty. You can choose different finishes, plank widths and looks and different wood types to create a different feel for your space.

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Two people installing laminate floors


If you want the look of wood floors without hardwood, laminate flooring for your Durham, North Carolina, home can be a great choice. It’s durable, easy to clean and comes in many styles and colors, including very realistic wood appearances.

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man using tool to install carpet along baseboards


Get a soft surface that is easy on joints and feet with carpeting. This floor also provides more traction and muffles sound while helping you keep heat in, creating a cozy and warmer space. If you love spending time on the floor, you’ll love plush carpeted floors that provide extra cushioning.

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close up photo of a person installing flooring


Today’s vinyl has come a long way. Newer manufacturing technology has created a durable, beautiful product designed with multiple layers to protect your floor from dents, gouges, stains and other damage.

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installing tile with grout


Our tile flooring for Durham, North Carolina, homes is a popular, durable choice. Tile is easy to clean and perfect for rooms with excess moisture, which is why they’re often used in kitchens and bathrooms. Today’s textured and colorful tiles with many shapes and finishes look stunning in just about every room of your home.

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White cabinet kitchen and island with wood floors

50 Floor — Your Place for Flooring in Durham

New flooring for your living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and more has a big impact on the space’s look and functionality. When you work with 50 Floor, we make sure your flooring suits your pets, household, home use and needs. The result is flooring you can enjoy for years, with style and beauty to make you feel at home every time you step in the door. At 50 Floor, we understand flooring needs to have great looks and functionality, so we work to combine art and technology.

When you work with 50 Floor, we make sure you know what your floors will look like. In a free at-home consultation, our flooring experts bring flooring samples right to you. You can see whether that carpet really does look bright or whether the laminate complements your cabinets. We ensure you’ll get a look you’ll be proud to show off.

Get beautiful floors for your home. Schedule an appointment for a 50 Floor in-home consultation.

White cabinet kitchen and island with wood floors
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