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Luxury vinyl flooring requires proper care and maintenance just as much as any other type of floor. If you live in the States, you know that caring for and maintaining your floor should also align with the seasons.

You Should Clean and Maintain Your Floor All Year Long

You might wait for winter to finish to do actual maintenance on your luxury vinyl floor, but regular cleaning is essential to ensure that it’ll last for a long time.

Daily Cleaning Routine

  • Sweep or vacuum your luxury vinyl floor regularly to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating. You might want to do this every day, especially if you keep pets around.
  • Deal with spills and stains immediately by wiping your LVP or LVT floor with a mop. You could also protect your floors with rugs to catch those spills.
  • Use a cleaner that is made specifically for LVP or LVT floors. Do NOT use harsh chemicals on your luxury vinyl floor because they will strip the finish or even the vinyl.
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Key Features of Luxury Vinyl Floors

No matter where you decide to install it, luxury vinyl flooring offers several benefits:

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Realistic look and feel

Because of its design, luxury vinyl flooring can recreate the look and feel of other types of flooring, like wood or tiles.

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Vinyl is one of the hardiest flooring options available, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas of your home. Some options are even stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spill damage.

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Luxury vinyl flooring holds up to splashes, spills, accidents or leaks for 24 to 72 hours, making it a great waterproof flooring choice in bathrooms or kitchens.

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Vinyl can emulate more expensive options like hardwood, letting you experience similar wood coloring, textures, grain patterns and more for less money.

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How to Clean LVP/LVT Floor Per Season


Luxury vinyl flooring can be cleaned with occasional mopping. Find a manufacturer’s recommended cleaner to remove dirt.


To keep your LVP or LVT floors safe from the summer heat, keep your home’s temperature within 86 degrees. Cover your sliding glass doors and windows since they can act like magnifying glasses, making the floor even hotter. Adding blinds or curtains to your windows can help keep your LVP or LVT floor from fading.


Taking good care of your luxury vinyl floors includes preventing them from becoming discolored, stained, or worn out. Sticking to a routine of regular cleaning, applying protection, and doing regular inspections will keep it in great condition the entire season.

Use cleaners if you’re dealing with mildew during this season. Use a pH-balanced cleaner and vinyl protectant to prevent discoloration and stains.


Place a waterproof mat or tray inside entrances to collect snow or ice from shoes and boots. Use a vinyl-safe salt remover solution to clean any salt residue that may be tracked inside.

Keep the indoor temperature above 60°F to prevent the floor from becoming too brittle. Use a microfiber mop and a vinyl-specific cleaner to avoid damaging your flooring.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring FAQs

Interested in learning more about luxury vinyl flooring? Review a few of our most frequently asked questions:

Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. Regularly vacuum up dirt and debris to keep it looking its best, and use a damp mop periodically to thoroughly remove any lingering dust or spills.

As long as your flooring surface is smooth and level, you likely won’t need an underlay.

If you choose quality vinyl flooring, have it professionally installed and maintain it correctly, it has the potential to last for more than 20 years.

High-quality vinyl and laminate flooring can look similar when professionally installed. Each one has its pros and cons that make it more suitable for some environments and budgets. Vinyl is easier to keep clean, yet you’ll have more options to choose from if you go with laminate flooring.

Quality vinyl flooring is a good choice for homeowners wanting to save money and still have a realistic hardwood flooring option. This flooring works especially well in high-moisture areas like the kitchen or bathroom. It’s also comfortable to walk on.

Luxury vinyl is a type of vinyl that has a tile shape, and vinyl planks come in planks to recreate the look of natural materials.

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Let 50Floor Take Care of Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring Needs

50Floor offers LVP and LVT floors perfect for any home. We install quality luxury vinyl flooring with a backing, a top design layer, and two protective layers. It means a floor that offers exceptional durability and resistance against scratches and scuffs, and it won’t shrink, crack, or warp.

Choosing us means you’ll get to take advantage of our seamless shopping process and professional vinyl flooring installers. For a personalized experience, we’ll bring you luxury vinyl floor samples so you can see exactly how each would look in your home with your lighting and decor.

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