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How to Protect Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring from Scratches and Scuffs

Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is a sophisticated and durable choice for homeowners looking to blend the aesthetic appeal of hardwood with the resilience of vinyl.

And just like any other floor, you have to take care of it. This page provides a comprehensive suite of strategies designed to shield your floors from daily wear and tear, enabling them to remain a highlight of your home’s interior for many years.

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How to Protect Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring from Scratches and Scuffs - Featured Banner

Key Features of LVP Floors

When you choose LVP flooring, you’ll get to take advantage of several benefits, including:

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Attractive styles

The technology used to create LVP flooring can recreate the look of grains and colors found in hardwood floors as well as stones like travertine. There are also several decorative options available for LVP floors featuring metallic accents and geometric patterns.


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With its multilayer design, LVP flooring is a durable flooring option, especially in high-traffic areas of your home. It can even be used in bathrooms.

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As a waterproof flooring option, LVP works well in pretty much any room from the basement to the kitchen. Our luxury vinyl floors are waterproof with 24 to 72 hour guaranteed protection.

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Because LVP recreates the look of hardwoods and stones, you’ll be able to enjoy that same look and feel for less.

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Use Protective Pads On Furniture

Protective pads prevent scratches and scuffs caused by the daily movements of chairs, tables, sofas, and beds. Selecting the right type of pad, such as felt or rubber, can provide a soft barrier between heavy furniture and the delicate floor surface, reducing the risk of damage.

Regularly inspecting and replacing these pads as needed ensures continued protection and helps maintain the pristine condition of the flooring.

This measure not only safeguards the floor but also facilitates easier and safer furniture movement, contributing to the longevity and aesthetic appeal of luxury vinyl plank flooring.

For Chairs, Tables, Sofas, and Beds

Chairs, tables, sofas, and beds frequently move or bear significant weight, making them prime candidates for protective measures. Ensuring these items have proper padding not only preserves the integrity of your flooring but also enhances the overall functionality and safety of your living space.

Choose Felt or Rubber Pads

Felt pads offer a soft, cushioned layer that is ideal for lighter furniture pieces, providing smooth movement across the floor surface. Rubber pads, on the other hand, are more suited for heavier items, offering robust protection and preventing slippage. Both choices play a pivotal role in minimizing damage, ensuring your LVP flooring remains unscathed and beautiful.

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Place Doormats at Entrances

These mats act as the first line of defense against dirt, grit, and moisture—common culprits of floor damage. Doormats significantly reduce the risk of scratches and the dulling of the floor’s finish.

Go for mats with a non-slip backing, which will prevent slips and falls. This simple yet effective measure not only maintains the cleanliness and appearance of your flooring but also extends its lifespan, making it an essential part of floor care maintenance.

Positioning doormats strategically at every entrance serves as an effective barrier to catch dirt, grit, and moisture. These elements, if left unchecked, can be tracked across the floor, leading to potential scratches and premature wear.

You significantly reduce the likelihood of dirt and moisture causing harm to your floor’s surface, maintaining its pristine condition and appearance.

Go for Mats with Non-slip Backing

Non-slip backing offers double the benefit: preventing slips and falls while keeping the mat securely in place to trap dirt.

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Clean Your Floor Regularly

A consistent routine of sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping not only keeps the floor looking its best but also prevents the accumulation of dirt and grit that can scratch and dull the surface over time.

Be Gentle

Daily sweeping ensures that your flooring remains visually appealing and extends its lifespan by minimizing wear. But be gentle: aggressively sweeping or mopping the floor will damage its surface.

Vacuum Weekly Using a Soft Brush Attachment

This effectively lifts and removes dirt and debris that sweeping may miss, especially in crevices and between planks. Using a soft brush attachment is essential to avoid any potential abrasion to the flooring, ensuring thorough cleaning without compromising the floor’s integrity.

Mop with a pH-neutral Floor Cleaner

For comprehensive care, mop with a pH-neutral floor cleaner to remove any lingering dirt and maintain the floor’s shine.

This type of cleaner is specifically formulated to be gentle on luxury vinyl plank flooring, ensuring that it cleans effectively without damaging the surface. This not only enhances the floor’s appearance but also contributes to a healthier living environment by removing allergens and bacteria.

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Find Your Flooring Style

Take our short quiz to find out which flooring style fits your style preference.

Avoid Wearing Shoes Indoors

Adopting a no-shoes policy indoors or encouraging wearing slippers inside the house is a highly effective measure to protect LVP flooring.

Shoes can carry dirt, grit, and abrasive substances that may scratch or damage the floor’s surface. High heels and sports cleats, in particular, pose a significant risk as they can exert excessive pressure, leading to indentations or even punctures.

Use Area Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Areas such as under dining tables and in living rooms, are prone to frequent foot traffic, which can accelerate the degradation of the flooring. Strategically placing area rugs under dining tables and in living rooms can significantly protect your luxury vinyl plank flooring in these high traffic areas.

Choose rugs with non-abrasive backings. They’re gentle on the floor and prevent scratches and scuffs that could mar the surface over time.  They not only extend the life of your flooring but also maintain its aesthetic appeal, contributing to the overall beauty and comfort of your home.

Trim Your Pet’s Nails

Long or sharp dog or cat nails can easily scratch or gouge the flooring surface during their daily activities and play.

Trimming your pet’s nails can prevent them from becoming too long or sharp, significantly reducing the risk of them scratching the floor as they move and play around the house.

For an added layer of protection for your flooring, use nail caps for dogs and cats. These soft, safe, and durable caps fit over your pet’s nails, effectively blunting their ability to scratch surfaces without impeding their natural movement or discomfort.

Nail caps are an excellent solution for homeowners looking to balance the well-being of their pets with the maintenance of their LVP flooring.

Lift—Not Drag—Your Furniture

Dragging furniture can cause scratches, scuffs, or even gouges on the floor.

A thoughtful arrangement reduces the need for frequent shifting, which in turn lowers the risk of accidentally scratching or damaging the floor. This proactive strategy not only preserves the floor’s condition but also enhances the overall functionality and aesthetics of your living space.

Use furniture sliders if moving furniture is unavoidable. They’re designed to distribute the weight of the furniture evenly, allowing for a smooth glide across the floor without leaving scratches or marks.

Consider Using Floor Finishes

For an additional layer of protection, consider using floor finishes on your LVP flooring.

Applying a polyurethane coating, for instance, can create a protective layer that shields the floor from scratches, scuffs, and stains. This finish not only enhances the durability of the flooring but also its aesthetic appeal, giving it a refreshed look.

Choose a finish compatible with luxury vinyl and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for application and reapplication intervals.

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Why Protect Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Protecting LVP is important to preserving its visual appeal and structural integrity. Despite its durability and resistance to moisture, LVP is not immune to scratches and scuffs, which can detract from its beauty and potentially lead to more significant damage over time.

Protecting it not only maintains the floor’s aesthetic but also contributes to a healthier, cleaner environment by minimizing the accumulation of dirt and debris. In essence, safeguarding your LVP flooring is an investment in its longevity and in the overall ambiance of your home.

A Lasting Luxury

LVP flooring offers a stunning aesthetic that complements any décor.  With a little care, your LVP floors will continue to be a source of pride and a focal point of your beautiful home.

50Floor’s LVP flooring options are built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, even in high-traffic areas. Engineered for scratch resistance, water protection, and easy maintenance, they’re ideal for busy families and homeowners seeking a beautiful and long-lasting floor.

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