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How to Choose Luxury Vinyl Floor Color

Choosing the right luxury vinyl floor color isn’t just about matching your decor; it’s about setting the tone for your entire home.

While a light shade can brighten up a room and make it feel more spacious, a darker hue might bring warmth and sophistication.

Yet, navigating through the sea of options can feel overwhelming.

You want a color that reflects your style but also has the versatility to withstand changing trends. Remember, the floor color you pick will influence not just the look, but also the feel of your space. It’s a decision that impacts your home’s aesthetic and ambiance in equal measure.

So, let’s dive into how to choose the perfect luxury vinyl floor color for your home, ensuring it complements your lifestyle and preferences.

How to choose luxury vinyl floor color

Key Features of Luxury Vinyl Floors

No matter where you decide to install it, luxury vinyl flooring offers several benefits:

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Realistic look and feel

Because of its design, luxury vinyl flooring can recreate the look and feel of other types of flooring, like wood or tiles.

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Vinyl is one of the hardiest flooring options available, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas of your home. Some options are even stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spill damage.

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Luxury vinyl flooring holds up to splashes, spills, accidents or leaks for 24 to 72 hours, making it a great waterproof flooring choice in bathrooms or kitchens.

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Vinyl can emulate more expensive options like hardwood, letting you experience similar wood coloring, textures, grain patterns and more for less money.

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First Things First: Check Your Space

What’s Your Room Size?

Choosing the right luxury vinyl floor color can affect how big or small a room feels. Light colors, for example, are known to make spaces appear larger. They reflect more light, which can help a small room feel airy and open. You might want to consider shades like pale oak or light gray if your space is on the smaller side.

Dark colors, on the other hand, tend to absorb light. This can make them a great choice for larger rooms you wish to feel cozier in. Rich browns or deep grays can add warmth and character, making vast spaces seem more inviting.

Think about the balance between the size of your room and the color of your flooring as well. A dark floor in a small room might feel cramped, while a light floor in a vast space might seem too stark.


Natural light can reveal the true color of the flooring, making it vibrant during the day. Rooms with plenty of windows benefit from this, as sunlight can highlight the nuances of lighter floors and soften darker ones.

Artificial light, however, can alter how colors appear. Warm lights can add a yellow tint, while cool lights might give off a bluish tone. This means the same vinyl flooring can look different at night or in rooms without natural light.

Testing colors under both natural and artificial lighting conditions is wise. Samples can look entirely different in the store than in your home. Take them home, place them in your room, and observe how they change throughout the day.

Existing Décor

Your current furniture and wall colors should guide your choice of luxury vinyl floor color. Matching or contrasting these elements can create harmony or dynamic tension in a room. For instance, a floor that contrasts with your furniture can make pieces stand out, while matching colors offer a unified look.

Consider the style and theme of your room as well. A modern minimalist space might call for sleek, neutral flooring, whereas a rustic cabin would pair well with richly textured wood-look vinyl.

Don’t forget to think about how the new flooring will transition to other rooms. Consistent flooring can create a sense of flow throughout your home, while distinct floors in each room can define separate areas clearly.

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Identify Your Style and Preference

Color Psychology

Colors wield a significant influence on our emotions and the atmosphere of a space. When selecting the color for your luxury vinyl flooring, consider the emotional impact each hue can have.

For instance:

  • Blues and greens typically evoke feelings of calmness and serenity, making them perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms where relaxation is key.
  • Warmer tones like reds and yellows can create a vibrant, energizing environment suitable for kitchens and living areas.
  • If you aim for a soothing retreat, soft pastels or cool neutrals can set the right tone.
  • For a more dynamic space, bold colors can add life and energy.

Trends vs. Timeless Colors

Luxury vinyl flooring trends evolve, presenting new opportunities to make a statement in your home. Currently, shades of gray remain popular for their versatility and modern appeal. However, earthy tones and textured finishes are also gaining traction, offering warmth and character to spaces.

While keeping up with trends can refresh your home’s look, there are pros and cons to consider. Trendy colors might make your space feel current but could quickly become dated. In contrast, classic colors like beige, taupe, or even soft grays are timeless and ensure your floors remain in style for years.

Going for timeless colors doesn’t mean sacrificing personality. These hues serve as a neutral backdrop that allows for flexibility in decorating styles and color schemes in other elements of your room.

The balance between trendiness and timelessness is essential in creating a space that feels both current and stylish.

Personal Taste

Your flooring should reflect your personal style, whether you lean towards bold statements or understated elegance.

  • If you’re drawn to unique interiors, consider luxury vinyl floors in unconventional colors or patterns that stand out. Geometric patterns or vibrant hues can transform floors into focal points in a room.
  • For those who prefer a subtler approach, neutral tones offer versatility. They allow you to change your decor without worrying about clashing with the floor color. Neutrals are far from boring; they provide a sophisticated canvas for any design vision.

Making the Final Decision

Sample Testing

It’s one thing to admire a color in a showroom or online. It’s another to see it under your home’s lighting and alongside your furniture.

You should place samples in different parts of the room. Observe them at different times of the day. Morning light can reveal undertones not seen under artificial evening lighting. Also, consider how the colors look with both natural and artificial light.

Another tip is to move samples around. Place them next to walls, furniture, and other flooring. This helps gauge compatibility and cohesion within your space. Sometimes, what looks good in isolation might clash with what is part of a larger scheme.

Getting Advice from Professionals

There comes a point where you might feel stuck or overwhelmed by choices. That’s when consulting with a flooring expert or interior designer becomes invaluable. These professionals can offer insights that refine your selection process. They can also tell you about trends, durability, and what works best for specific settings.

Professionals can also help you visualize the final look using digital tools or portfolios of their previous work. They might point out aspects you hadn’t considered, like how certain colors can make spaces appear larger or cozier.

Their advice isn’t just about aesthetics. They’ll consider functionality, maintenance, and long-term wear and tear. This holistic approach ensures that your choice is both beautiful and practical.

50Floor can help you choose the best luxury vinyl floor design that best fits your home and budget. Check out our luxury vinyl floors, all made from high-quality materials.

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