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Best Flooring for a Modern-Style House

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The right flooring can highlight a clean, sleek and modern appearance, so it’s important to consider all of your options carefully. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to modernize your home’s flooring. Here are some of the best modern flooring styles to consider:

Red oak floor sample

1. Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for modern interiors. Wide planks, in particular, allow the wood’s natural grain to extend across a longer space, making the room look and feel larger. Hardwood’s natural beauty provides an elegant contrast with modern, minimalist furniture. There are multiple shades to choose from:

  • Light: Varying from white oak to warm honey to gray shades, light to medium hardwood is a popular choice for modern homes. It showcases a neutral color palette and natural grain for an earthy element.
  • Dark: Whether black, ebony or espresso, dark hardwood adds moodiness and depth to a modern space, subtly highlighting the wood’s natural grain. Its seams can create a striking elongated look, dramatically offsetting wall colors, decor and furnishing.
Beige Tile

2. Tile

Tile flooring incorporates clean lines, natural materials and neutral colors, making it an excellent choice for modern homes. Most modern interiors feature same-sized natural stone or concrete tiles installed in a standard tile format to create eye-catching lines.

Smooth stone tile is a popular texture for modern flooring. Its effortless style can complement minimalist furniture and decor. Wood-look tile flooring is another stunning option, providing the appearance of natural wood with the clean grout lines of tile flooring. Whether you opt for a dark, medium or light shade of wood-look tile, it adds a natural vibe to your space’s beautiful modern elements.

Regardless of the pattern, modern tile flooring looks seamless with large square or rectangular tiles with a thin grout line. This creates a neat, balanced look to match your home’s furnishings and decor.


3. Luxury Vinyl

Available in both tile and plank styles, luxury vinyl flooring adds a modern flair to your space. Designed to mimic materials like wood and stone, it creates a lovely natural backdrop at a fraction of the cost of genuine hardwood and tiles. Similar to traditional tile and hardwood, you can find luxury vinyl flooring in large format tiles or wide planks for a clean, seamless look.

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