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Light wood floors

Our Flooring Options

man putting wood flooring planks together


Adding hardwood floors to your home can increase the value and improve its appearance while keeping your space easy to clean. We sell durable cherry, walnut, maple, red oak and other types, and you can choose from sizes and styles that make your space look more sophisticated.

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man using tool to install carpet along baseboards


Carpeting makes an excellent choice for any room, especially if you have children or pets who spend plenty of time on your floor. The carpet’s cushioning makes it a great place to play and has sound-blocking properties. Many people add carpet to bedrooms or living rooms, making the space more comfortable and welcoming.

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close up photo of a person installing flooring


Vinyl flooring provides a unique combination of exceptional durability and aesthetics, mimicking materials like wood or tile. We can treat the vinyl to give it better slip resistance. It won’t pick up scratches, and its strength sets it apart from other flooring materials.

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Two people installing laminate floors


Our laminate flooring options provide many practical benefits, including moisture, stain and fade resistance. They also look fantastic, with an aesthetic comparable to wood or tile. The low-maintenance material is made from synthetic composites and stands up to everyday usage.

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installing tile with grout


We offer ceramic and porcelain tile flooring, which is heated during production, enhancing its ability to maintain its shape and avoid cracking. These water- and scuff-resistant materials demonstrate impressive sturdiness and appeal in your kitchen, bathroom, entryway or other parts of your home.

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hardwood kitchen flooring

Why Choose 50 Floor for Flooring in Clermont, FL?

We make it easy and convenient to shop for a new floor. We send a trained representative to your house so you can shop from home, looking over a wide array of flooring options and seeing them alongside your existing decor. In addition to making the buying process easy, we have outstanding customer service and installation teams to make getting new flooring a breeze. Make an appointment today to learn more about our flooring options.

hardwood kitchen flooring
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