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Whether you have a specific flooring type in mind or you’re still exploring different options, you likely have some questions about flooring materials and installation. Here are the answers to several flooring FAQs from 50Floor to help you out!

Consultation Process FAQs

50Floor provides a convenient shopping experience from the comfort of your home. We continually update our flooring inventory, so you can always find the best options regardless of the type you’re searching for. Here are some FAQs regarding our in-home consultation process:

Our flooring consultations typically take one to two hours, but we’ll stay as long as you need. We customize and tailor each consultation to our clients’ needs and schedules.

While many flooring stores charge for in-home consultations, ours are free. During your consultation appointment, we’ll provide you with all of the information needed to make the best flooring decision for your home.

During your consultation, a flooring expert will walk you through a full needs analysis so you can learn more about our services. They’ll then complete the following steps:

  • Recommendations: We’ll recommend specific flooring types based on your needs, preferences, lifestyle and goals.
  • Samples: We’ll show you different flooring samples based on factors like your budget, subfloor and style. You’ll get to feel each piece and see how it looks with your decor and lighting.
  • Measurements: Each consultation includes free floor measurements for an accurate estimate.
  • Quote: We’ll provide a full job quote with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect.

installation process FAQs

Installation Process FAQs

After you’ve made your purchase, we’ll go over warranties before handling the ordering and installation arrangements. Here are some flooring installation process FAQs:

When preparing for installation, you don’t have to clear the entire room. However, it helps to remove as much as possible to speed up installation. This process includes:

  • Moving your belongings to a temporary storage area, such as another room in your home.
  • Clearing the floor as much as possible.
  • Stripping the walls to preserve your decor.
  • Emptying closets, cabinets and cupboards.
  • Keeping children and pets away from the installation area.

In most cases, we can install flooring in a day. All installations are performed by vetted professionals devoted to providing a quick, hassle-free experience.

Our experts provide full-service installation, including:

  • Removing old flooring and furniture from the space.
  • Examining subfloors.
  • Installing new flooring.
  • Cleaning up and putting furniture back after the job is complete.
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Hardwood FAQs

We have a variety of solid and engineered hardwood flooring options to choose from at 50Floor. Below are some common questions regarding our hardwood flooring:

Solid hardwood is genuine wood all the way through, and engineered hardwood contains authentic wood layers compressed on high-grade plywood. Solid hardwood provides more longevity and value, while engineered hardwood offers more humidity and moisture resistance.

Wood species like oak and cherry tend to be the most durable flooring options. Their hardness levels allow the wood to maintain shape and resist scratching over time.

During your consultation, we’ll provide material, color and finishing recommendations based on your lifestyle, preferences and budget. As a result, you can make an informed decision about the colors and finishes that will look best in your home and align with your daily activities.

Tile FAQs

Tile FAQs

Tiles make a timeless addition to a kitchen, bathroom or entryway. Here are some FAQs about our tile flooring.

You can choose from a variety of luxury vinyl tile flooring styles at 50Floor.

Simply vacuum or brush away any dust or crumbs to keep your tile flooring clean. You can use a damp mop for deeper cleaning. Be sure to check your flooring warranty for proper cleaning materials and methods — this goes for any flooring type.

High-quality, professionally installed tiles generally last 30 years and sometimes even decades longer.

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Laminate FAQs

Laminate is a composite flooring material designed to imitate hardwood and tile. Here are some FAQs about laminate flooring:

While laminate contains some natural wood in a fiberboard core, vinyl uses a synthetic plastic polymer. Both are affordable, attractive and durable options. However, vinyl offers more moisture resistance, while laminate provides a more authentic look and value.

Laminate often provides more wear resistance in high-traffic areas than hardwood. Its higher ultraviolet protection also makes it ideal for sunny or window-filled rooms.

Laminate is highly durable and scratch-resistant, making it a great choice for homes with pets. It’s also stain-resistant in case of muddy paws or accidents.

carpet FAQs

Carpet FAQs

50Floor offers an array of carpet options to suit any taste. Check out some carpet FAQs below:

You can choose from the following carpet styles at 50Floor:

  • Berber: Berber carpet has a looped, tightly woven design, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Frieze: Frieze carpet has curly, twisted fibers for a shaggy, relaxed look.
  • Pattern: Pattern carpet features varying heights of cut fibers and loops to form a design.
  • Plush: Plush carpet is soft and luxurious. It has a smooth, level surface for easy vacuuming.
  • Smooth Saxony: Smooth Saxony carpet has a low, even pile cut for a leveled look and velvety feel.

Nylon carpets with short loops typically have the longest life spans. They’re also durable and stain-resistant, making them great for homes with kids and pets. Applying stain protection can help your carpet last longer.

Wool is one of the softest materials, offering a plush texture and ample underfoot comfort.

Luxury Vinyl FAQs

Luxury vinyl is a durable, long-lasting material that can replicate a wood or stone look. Learn more about luxury vinyl with our FAQs below:

When professionally installed and correctly maintained, luxury vinyl flooring can last 20 years or more.

Regularly vacuum up debris and dirt to keep your luxury vinyl looking mint. Use a damp mop occasionally to get rid of lingering spills or dust.

vinyl flooring in living room

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