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good job !!!very professional and fast!!.love it!!!

bebe sall in RIVERDALE

Installed on Jul. 26, 2013

I am so happy with my new floor. You kept your appointment to choose an engineered floor and also showed up exactly on time for the install. Everything was cleaned up after the install and the people who did the install were courteous and professional. Thank you again 50 floors and I will recommend you to all of my friends

Ernest Cann in Lawrenceville GA

Installed on Apr. 22, 2013

Installation service was perfect!

Valerie Presha in Alpharetta

Installed on Mar. 7, 2013

The installers were courteous and professional. I was very impressed that even when they were faced with some unexpected challenges after removing our existing flooring, that they resolved the issues quickly and completed the job on time. We’re also thrilled with the product quality. It feels like we have a new home! I will definitely recommend 50 Floor to my friends and family.

Christopher in Atlanta

Installed on Dec. 10, 2012

I would first say that I am very pleased with my hardwood floors installed by 50 Floor five years past this month. I just had a recent mishap to my floors caused by another retail company. In an attempt to help resolve the matter, I received absolutely great customer service attention from 50 Floor employee Jennifer T. She deserves an A+.

FREDA in Jonesboro

Installed on Sept. 25, 2012

I was very pleased with the work and know that I will recommend 50 Floor whenever I am asked. Nice job, guys!

Claire in Atlanta

Installed on Sept. 11, 2012
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