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Mid-Century Modern


Type: Hardwood, either engineered or solid. A warm, wood look laminate or vinyl can also work depending on budget and preference.
Colors or Shades: Choose warm tones like walnut, cherry, or amber.
Looks: Aim for a smooth, polished finish with a noticeable grain. This style often embraces nature and organic forms.
Species of Wood: Warm, medium-toned woods such as Teak, Hickory, and Walnut. This style also likes a good grain, so species like Oak can work well.


Type: Low to mid-pile carpet, often with geometric or abstract patterns.
Colors or Shades: Earthy tones, such as amber, olive, or beige, are popular.
Textures or Feel: Look for a plush, comfortable texture to contrast with the sleek lines of the furniture.

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