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Minimalist Style Kitchen


Type: Light-colored hardwood or high-quality vinyl. A rugged laminate can also work.
Colors or Shades: Opt for light grays or whites, but don’t be afraid to choose a stark, matte black for a dramatic contrast.
Looks: Simple, clean lines are key. Look for minimal texture or shade variance between planks and avoid overly ornate patterns.
Species of Wood: Light, neutral woods such as White Oak, Maple, or even a very light-stained Birch. For a more dramatic, contrasted look, a dark-stained Oak or Walnut will add a stylistic flair.


Type: Low-pile carpet in a simple, clean design.
Colors or Shades: Go for monochromatic colors like white, off-white, or light gray.
Textures or Feel: Simple, smooth texture. The carpet shouldn’t draw attention away from the minimalist aesthetic.

Minimalist Style Kitchen

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