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Sharpsburg Georgia in Sharpsburg

We were hesitant about getting carpet from dealing with chaos and ignorance from Home Depot in the past. How can this be better? Well it was and them some! Javier and his partner showed up on time after there courtesy phone call the night before from the company. Then thirty minutes after the next day giving us time to move our five kid rooms around. We have our house for sale and just finished painting. Our old carpet was bad so I was thinking of all the dust and dirt it would spread around. They were meticulous, right down to cleaning the floors before placing padding. No marks on my wall and they moved my furniture to where I needed it. I tried to help with that and when they saw me (female) they rushed to get things out of my hands to move it exactly where I wanted it. They were there all day for over nine hours and not once stopped. They were nice and I appreciated the excellent service and care. Will defintley use again in our next home!

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